Learning Technology Makes Us Green

Green eLearning LMS

I know you are setting out those blue bags for recycling.

You have reviewed the cost/benefit of the Nest.

You have done the math on the cost savings of a Toyota Prius.

Heck, you even were one of the first on your block to make sure all of your lightbulbs were switched over.

You are getting ‘greener’ by the day. Congratulations!

There has been a noticeable shift regarding how we view the typical American lifestyle and the effects of that lifestyle on our one and only planet. This has come from social pressures, media awareness campaign, media, major research institutions, and even our favorite celebrities. People seem to be catching on and many are making whatever difference they can.

Are companies doing the same? What is your company doing?

In my opinion, companies have made impressive strides to keep up with the public conscious of energy consumption and waste. But, they have a long way to go.

We can dissect dozens of areas large companies need to focus onto do more on the green front. Everything from consumption efficiency to waste management is talked about to death. I won’t to focus on something that has made a big difference, but doesn’t get a lot of credit…

Learning Management Systems.

Bear with me, it wasn’t obvious to me at first either.

First off, a learning management system (LMS) is a software program that allows companies to manage learners, store content, get necessary reporting and make content available to the right people when they need it. That last part is what started my juices flowing.

If learning/training/continues education/certification can be done ondemand and even managed remotely, that will allow people from all of the world to get the necessary training they need without leaving their homey cubicle. And, training teams will not have to fly out to every corner of the globe provide the training.

That to me is the biggest benefit – the reduction in necessary travel for training purposes.

Another benefit is the reduction in necessary training materials. Why print out, hole punch and stuff materials into a 3-ring binder when anyone can just look it up in the matter of one second when they need it.

That adds up.

Lastly, think about efficiency. I know this is a stretch, but there is some solid truth in it. If learning materials are more readily available, as well as job critical information when a question comes up, that makes employees overall more production.

According to a recent report from Bersin & Associates (a leading research firm in the learning and training space), more than 40% of U.S based companies have some sort of Learning Management program. That number is projected to keep rising. That is a good sign.

Less errors, less waste, less hardcopy materials, less travel related spending means more for the green effort. Not many people are talking about it, but the learning management system is doing more to reduce the overall consumption of companies that it gets credit for.

Now, it has.

Stay green, my friends.